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Intellivy is a rapid testing platform that helps businesses
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Discover what your buyers really want. Learn how to direct a customer’s
attention to your listing without having to be a sales expert.

Marketplace & Comparison Poll

Create your own polls to discover shopping behavior and get our recommendations to improve your Amazon listings.

Product Design

We help you uncover what design attracts customers and sells.

Listings Optimization

Intellivy helps your Amazon product listings and uses proven strategies to drive sales.

Data Insights

Human-driven data that tells you exactly how to improve your Amazon listings.

Access to Training

Browse the knowledge center and learn ways to increase your CTR, CVR, and sales.

Why Intellivy?

Will Mitchell

Amazon Seller & Coach
Rapid micro testing is one of the biggest hacks I tell people about, and no one believes it. We have had 120-150% differences in conversion rates.

Nick Young

8-Figure Amazon Seller
Intellivy has been a game-changing tool when it comes to understanding consumer insights, what the customer wants, and how to create the product that actually serves these customer needs.

Carl Helgesson

CEO of Amazon agency

Intellivy helped us not just sell more but also rank better because the listings are much more relevant. If you want to succeed on Amazon, you need to use this tool.

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Intellivy is a strategic software platform. Through strategic, rapid micro-testing, you will be able to understand your customer’s wants and needs more closely. This allows you to develop products that resonate with your target audience and have a higher success rate when brought to market.

We don’t only offer the tooling to do a simple A/B-test — we’ve found out that through sequential, strategic micro-testing, your product will have a higher success rate. 

Furthermore, we offer Amazon-specific poll types that are essential for any e-commerce seller: 

  • Marketplace poll, where you can simulate the marketplace and poll your listing against the competition. 
  • Comparison poll, where you can find out what exactly will help your main image to stand out. 

All of these polls, done in the right sequence, will help you to skyrocket your Amazon sales.

Our member base consists of over 320,000 US-based online shoppers. By answering your questions, they earn some money while sharing their unbiased input with you.

We will only charge you after your 30-day FREE trial ends. This means you have plenty of time to discover Intellivy with no strings attached. You can end your subscription before your free trial is over if you don’t want to be charged.

Yes, we use the industry-standard encryption protocol (SSL) to safeguard all of your personal information. Our payment processor, Stripe, is PCI-compliant, and your credit card information is sent directly there.

For 39.99/month for life, you will get access to our proven strategies, training, tooling, and our 320K+ U.S. member base. All this allows you to unlock your full Amazon potential. By subscribing now, we guarantee that you will have first access to new tools, strategies, and sessions in the future.

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