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Build the Perfect Image Stack for your Amazon Products!

Find your competitors’ best performing images & optimize your own! Get the clicks you need to drive your conversion rates through the roof!

Compare Your Images:

  • Find the best order for your images
  • Discover your competitors’ best-performing images
  • Get insights from shoppers about what makes them buy!

Want to see an increase in your conversion rateS?

Drop the Guesswork on Amazon

Choose Your Best Images Before You Launch!

With Intellivy’s new Image Stack Poll, you discover the best-performing images from your image stack and ALSO from two of your competitors. Determine the best order to optimize your conversion rates. Make the most of your advertising campaigns and outshine your competition with Intellivy’s Image Stack Poll!

How Do Your Images Measure Up?

Get Secret Insights About Your Competitors' Images

From your competitor’s image stacks you will learn:

  • What listing has the most compelling image stack?
  • What specific image is most convincing?

You can compare this information with your own image stack:

  • How does your image stack compare to the competition?
  • How convincing are your images compared to the competition?
  • Are your most convincing images in the front of your image stack?

Setting up is easy, so watch our video and get started today!

Consumer Insights You Don’t Get Anywhere Else

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to gain insights and knowledge about how you measure up against your competition. Make informed decisions on how to create, launch, and sell your products to ensure success.

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Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, or you have an entire team behind your e-commerce business, we have the right polling tool for you.

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