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Why Amazon Sellers Love Intellivy


Get feedback from 55M+ real Amazon shoppers

Poll respondents are selected from a pool of over 55 million real consumers.

Unlike the competition, our consumers aren’t incentivized to meaninglessly click all day. No to click farms — Yes to organic answers.


Poll responses contextual to an actual shopping experience

Before answering your Intellivy poll, respondents are placed into an actual shopping scenario. This contextualizes the poll responses to real consumer behavior, thus making them more meaningful and reliable to drive your decision-making.


140+ Demographics to target and get answers from your ideal customer

Get responses on your A/B tests from people who match your ideal customer profile. Our Premium Audience offers over 140 demographics to select from.

Segment by income, purchase decision makers, health conditions, hobbies & interests, and so much more.


Quality control with a zero-tolerance policy for random responses

We constantly curate poll responses with a zero-tolerance policy for random responses. Ensuring you only receive high-quality and meaningful feedback on your split tests.


Integrated AI to help you launch polls and analyze data

Intellivy’s integrated AI makes it even easier and faster to set up, launch, and analyze polls. 

Get insights quick for faster decision-making.

Built for Amazon Sellers, By Amazon Sellers

Mels Terlouw
CEO, Founder

Meet our Founder

Meet Mels Terlouw, our fearless leader. A 9-figure seller himself, Mels banded together with other 8- and 9-figure sellers to leverage their shared insights and expertise. From this collective wisdom, Intellivy was born in 2018.

Featured in prestigious Amazon communities and at top Amazon seller events.

What Users Say About Intellivy


I use Intellivy to find out what customers actually want.

Invaluable in making decisions about your product to convert a consumer into a buyer.


Deeper and more meaningful feedback than anything we've seen so far.

Know More Than Just the Winner

Situation Insights

All Intellivy polls come with Situation Insights. These insights uncover what respondents find important before seeing any poll items.

Meaningful Feedback

Poll respondents provide feedback and reasoning behind their choice. 

AI Analysis

All poll responses are analyzed and summarized with our integrated AI. Providing you with quick insights from your poll results.


Poll prices are based on the number of respondents and the price per respondent varies by poll type. For our Free Forever plan, the price per respondent starts at $0.80. With each of our paid plans, the price per respondent decreases.

Our poll respondents are real Amazon consumers who are part of a 55M+ global member base. In return for answering polls, respondents participate in product deals and giveaways. We monitor poll respondents continuously with a zero-tolerance policy for random responses.

No. The Amazon marketplaces we have available to target are; The United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Yes! We even have a dedicated poll to test your product ideas and validate them based on feedback from real Amazon consumers. With every poll type you can also completely build a product listing from scratch to present to poll respondents.

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