Optimize Products on Amazon with Real Consumer Data

Product research and listing optimization need to be customer-centric. Get meaningful, actionable data to optimize your products, listings, images, titles, or pricing by collecting real consumer feedback.

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Why eCom Sellers Add Intellivy to Helium 10


Get feedback from 55M+ real Amazon consumers globally

Survey and poll real Amazon consumers for reliable feedback and actionable insights.

We curate poll responses with a zero-tolerance policy for irrelevant/random feedback, ensuring high-quality and meaningful insights for your business.


Find product improvements that turn browsers into buyers

Ask your ideal customer questions to gain insights into their exact preferences. Know what improvements to make for a perfect product and take your sales to new heights.


Validate product ideas and designs before investing in product launches

Gain insights into what sells before you invest. Validate new product ideas and create designs based on feedback from potential buyers.

Eliminate guesswork and make your next product launch a guaranteed success.


Test against competitor products in a marketplace simulation

Know how to beat your competition. Compare your product against competitors and gain actionable insights for product optimization to win sales.

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Built for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Founded by a 9-figure Amazon seller, Intellivy is purposely built to help E-Commerce Sellers make informed decisions to optimize products and boost sales.

As featured in prestigious Amazon communities and at top Amazon seller events

What E-Commerce Leaders Say About Intellivy


I use Intellivy to find out what customers actually want.

Invaluable in making decisions about your product to convert a consumer into a buyer.


Deeper and more meaningful feedback than anything we've seen so far.


No. We recommend using Intellivy in addition to Helium 10. With Intellivy you can get data in the form of real Amazon consumer feedback on your products and listings. Helium 10 provides other types of data and tools.

Our poll respondents are real Amazon consumers who are part of a 55M+ global member base. In return for answering polls, respondents participate in product deals and giveaways. We monitor poll respondents continuously with a zero-tolerance policy for random responses.

Poll prices are based on the number of respondents and the price per respondent varies by poll type. For our Free Forever plan, the price per respondent starts at $0.80. With each of our paid plans, the price per respondent decreases.

No. We do offer an A/B testing poll, but Intellivy offers a wide range of poll types that will give you more advanced and meaningful data on your products and listings.

No. The Amazon marketplaces we have available to target are; The United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Yes! We even have a dedicated poll to test your product ideas and validate them based on feedback from real Amazon consumers. With every poll type you can also completely build a product listing from scratch to present to poll respondents.

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