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Discover game-changing consumer insights and analyze them easily with advanced AI

When it comes to Amazon product optimization tools, Jungle Scout and Helium10 are some of the most popular options available. They offer valuable insights into keyword research and product statistics, which are crucial for Amazon sellers. But Intellivy offers something that these competitors don’t: consumer insights.

By combining data on consumer behavior and feedback with traditional product research metrics, Intellivy provides sellers with a detailed look into their customers’ behavioral features and buying patterns. This helps products perform better on Amazon and sellers to reach the next level.

Get Insights from Real Amazon shoppers​

While tools like Jungle Scout and Helium10 focus primarily on data-driven insights, Intellivy takes a more holistic approach to product research and listing optimization. With Intellivy, Amazon sellers will get insights into their products, markets, and customer needs from real shoppers.

Traditional methods for harvesting and analyzing consumer insights can take time. Intellivy provides sellers with super-quick insights. And with the help of AI technology, analyzing your consumer insights is a breeze.

The Perfect Tool for You!

If you’re looking to boost your success on Amazon in a way that goes beyond just keywords and statistics, Intellivy is the perfect tool for you. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, Intellivy can help you make better, more informed decisions and supercharge your Amazon business. Try Intellivy today and see the difference for yourself!

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