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Enterprise Trial Plan - The Rainmaker Exclusive

Exclusive 2-Month Free Subscription with lower rates

Tailored Offer for The Rainmaker Family Students

Dive into the advanced capabilities of Intellivy’s Enterprise Trial Plan, exclusively crafted for The Rainmaker Family. This unique offer includes a two-month free subscription to our most elite plan, providing substantial savings and a comprehensive experience.

Subscription Details

  • Exclusive Enterprise Offer: Access the Exclusive Enterprise plan for 2 months, then automatically transition to the Free Forever plan.
  • Pay-Per-Poll Pricing: Charges are per poll, per respondent. Benefit from reduced rates, equivalent to our Hyper Plan, for the first 2 months.

Savings Per Respondent

  • Basic Poll: $0.55 per respondent (Save $0.25)
  • Dual Comparison Poll: $0.55 per respondent (Save $0.25)
  • Ranking Comparison Poll: $0.60 per respondent (Save $0.20)
  • Marketplace Poll: $1.15 per respondent (Save $0.65)
  • Competitive Comparison Poll: $1.05 per respondent (Save $0.75)
  • Image Stack Poll: $1.85 per respondent (Save $0.95)
  • Purchase Barrier Poll: $0.85 per respondent (Save $0.45)

Automatic Transition After Initial Offer

After the 2-month Exclusive Enterprise offer, your account will automatically transition to the Free Forever plan. With this plan, you’ll continue to pay per poll, per respondent, without any monthly fees. Remember, the rates per poll will adjust from the Hyper Plan rates to the standard rates applicable under the Free Forever plan.

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